Thursday, November 22, 2007

Urgent Query

She is quite perfect on screen, I wonder how she looks if woken up at 3 AM in the morning??


udit said...

Yesterday you dint get soup and today khaanaa nahii milaa aapkoo. Here 3am ki bhook problem.
Please do not mind it but you are suffering from the filmy criticality, "bhookkk jisam ki bhoookk" "ye jism pyaar nahii jantaa, jantaa hai to sirif bhook.......... ha ha ha dosent suit

Nisha said...

why.. do u think the beauty will become beast at 3am?

The Beauty in the Beast/Beast in the beauty.

There is BEAUTY in beauty and beauty in Beast
This, but an earnest of the rest
As zephyr light, from magic sleep,
Soon as the sun began to peep,
Soon as the moon began to weep,
Sprang BEAUTY and became the BEAST.

-Inspired by Charles Lamb's Beauty and the Beast.

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