Thursday, November 29, 2007

For Udit!!!!!

theBeautifully dimming sun,
Sets in the hollowness deep,
Or swims on the waves for ever,
Spreading glittering rays while it creeps,
From the images here and there,
Screaming aloud I’m not all that weak,
As lover nature receives now
Spreading wide all green welcoming arms
Does this bridge bridge the gap between?
Does the beloved drown in the dark deep?
Let’s ask the darkness that follows
Do the lovers ever meet?
Will the secret be captured?

The secret darkness never reveals

Dear UDit,
Our readers are most eager to know you better,
Kindly send across some manner of an intro....
Sh Imm.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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I found a most interesting place the other day, on the Chandigarh-Ludhiana highway, specifically, close to Morinda is a village called Sanghol or Uchha-Pind. Called so probably because it is situated on a mound that rises up from an absolutely flat plane that extends for hundreds of miles in every direction. More interesting is the fact this village has many ancient, Buddhist ruins. I discovered this fact quite by chance because there is one that is right on the main road and someone recently put up a board announcing its existence. The next time had a chance I went in exploring and it seems that only a very small area has been excavated and the stupas that have been dug up are quite fascinating. I have not had the chance to go back with proper photo equipment yet but this promises to be great. What is more unfortunate is the fact that such significant discoveries are not generally known. If properly preserved that whole area may be a major area. Its quite probable that the mound itself covers an ancient city waiting to be discovered.
Of interest is a fascinating museum close by where there are various artifacts recovered from this place. Of interest are some pillars which have various carvings on them. And since they lay undiscovered for so long, they are absolutely fresh and pristine in condition and preservation. And the women on the pillars are all buxom and beautiful, exactly like South Indian movie stars. Unfortunately, and for unclear reasons, photography is not allowed. I will post more pictures here when I get the chance.

Bridge at Neelon Village

Bridge at Neelon Village
Originally uploaded by Shubh M Singh
Its that time of the year, when days start getting smaller, and the nights longer. Only problem so far was that they were not getting any colder but from today onwards it seems that this gripe too is over for it has started to become cold. Mornings and evenings are hazy and cold, I was driving back from Ludhiana the other morning, and there were clumps of fog. These clumps of fog finally, sullenly gave way to the sun as the morning rose.
Its that time of the year that is the best for photography, the sun appears big, evenings and mornings are full of beautiful golden light and the shadows are sharp and true. Just the time to take some good landscape shots like this one here.
It was getting dark when I took this shot, and I was standing on a bridge that vibrated each time that a truck passed and I really had no mind to be found dead with an expensive digital SLR around my neck.
Therefore, this is all I took and moved on.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Urgent Query

She is quite perfect on screen, I wonder how she looks if woken up at 3 AM in the morning??

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Need A Beer!!

I Need A Beer!!
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I am cold, I need to work but I am lazy, India is getting whipped by Pakistan in Cricket, I couldn't get a soup tonight, I am miserable, I am ..............................................I don't know what. I think I need a Beer!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nero fiddled while Rome Burnt

I just got this delusional like thought in the morning academic. When Rome burnt, Nero fiddled. But was he plating first or second fiddle??
play second fiddle Assume a subsidiary role to someone, as in Mary resented always playing second fiddle to her older sister. This term alludes to the part of second violin in an orchestra. Although many would argue it is as important as first violin, it is the idea of subordinacy that was transferred in the figurative term, so used since about 1800.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Desiree Response

To the one who said "What Utter Bullshit",
someone named Desiree responded,

"It seems like manisha got good imagination and thanks to nisha i can clearly see that Manisha is not autistic as she is not angry at these posts but angry with these posts;)
The autistic self is fragmented - its emotions, will and intellect could not work together... but acc. TOM we can see that Manisha's self is not fragmented,her emotions, will and intellect are working together. She has an ability to elaborate on her statement "what utter bullshit" and she will surely do that" :P

It set me, as always, wondering, and I found that,
"Désirée" was rarely used until 1954, when it became the 967th most popular girls's name for babies born in the U.S., soaring dramatically higher (to #309) in 1955. Since then, it has never been lower than #427 in popularity.

and more interestingly, as per wikipedia...
There was a queen of Sweden called Desiree, and even more interestingly,

She never became very popular and never learned to speak Swedish. After she was widowed, she grew more and more eccentric; she went to bed by morning, she got up in the evenings, she ate breakfast at night, and she drove around in a carriage through the streets, in the courtyard, or wandered around the corridors of the sleeping castle with a light. On the last day of her life, she entered her box at the opera just as the performance had ended.

Now if this is the Desiree who responded to my post,
I wanna be friends!!!!!
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