Thursday, December 28, 2006

26.12.06-Boxing Day

A flower trampled underfoot

26th of december 2006 was a day that started on strange, unexpected and calamitous note. The day dawned dark, wet, foggy and grey. There was so much to do and so little time. In the end it really did not matter. I took some pictures which i am putting here, more as a catharsis than anything else.

The rain pours down as I get out of the hospital..decided to get some breakfast and walked towards the upper cafe. The blooming flowers looked incredibly incongrous considering the weather and the situation. I shut out everything and waited for this guy to walk into the frame. I remember thinking of the rule of thirds as I clicked this picture.

While driving past the traffic park, have often seen the morning sun and the pavement and thought of a great picture waiting out there. Had some time to kill so walked over..the banyan trees in the rain stood there and waited.

The workers there were probably taking it easy considering the weather and seeing me there started to do some work. Never fails when there is a camera around.

I wish I could tell him to not bother..took a picture instead.

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Nisha said...

Ever changing world,
Unchangeable features,
A method to grasp immutable truth of life
A shot of reality, but who does it belong to?
Strange human behaviours,
Unobservable minds
The problem of uniqueness
Self-reflection and confrontation of ontological truth
Self is in the process of creating and recreating its consciousness

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