Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Memory Lane

Its been some time since I was here last. There have been a few anniversaries around this time and there are more to come. It sort of puts perspective on the New year and what it means.

I went home and sunning himself in the courtyard was the community pet...he has been there ever since we moved. Lots of people thought that they would outlive him but seems he is having quiet a few last laughs or is that a woof.

A stray dog braves the cold and the fog and looks for some scraps of food in the gali outside my home, I went inside shortly after. Thankful for the few gifts I have and trying hard not to think of the ones i dont.

I also had the chance to visit my late grandmother's home. Was taken aback to see it all gone to seed and decay. Remembered so many joyful summers spent here with people, now dead. When life revolved around an icecream soda or a comic book, and my uncle who taught me to play chess and delighted in spoiling me thoroughly.

On a less sombre note, today turned out to be an unexpectedly good day. The elections neccessiated a public holiday, the OPD's got closed and it was perfect to sneak out with Naresh and have two massive aaloo ka parathas washed down with curd and dripping with butter. Followed it all up with some hot, sweet and milky tea. And life is worth living again even though I tripped a couple of times since and could get not get the tickets to a movie I planned on watching today.


Mother Jones RN said...

Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. I have the same thoughts about my grandmother's old house when I go home. It's sad.


SG said...

Is this Ambarsar? You forgot to mention the city/village...

Shrinked Immaculate said...

Dear Shubhroz, Thanx for ur interest in my blog,This is my maternal grandmother's home in Ambala Cantt.Btw we share the same first name.

SG said...

No, that is impossible! I cannot believe this! No!!! Same first name .. No!! IMPOSSIBLE


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