Saturday, December 02, 2006

Been some time

Its a wonderful day, a pity I have to fight out a few things.

And I need some money urgently, donate me some, someone, stat.

Heights of similarity-3........Moon over Half dome rock...Ansel Adams

Moon over Half Dome Rock......SMS

Heights of similarity...4

There was a send off party in the DDTC recently and I took some pictures there. One of these I particularly liked.

The last Supper....... Leonardo Da Vinci

The last supper by SMS

The OPDs are very light....either its too cold for the drug dependent individuals to get their fix or no one is interested in getting any manner of treatment. Consequently, there are new kinds of patients coming in for treatment.
This feline peered in with a chief complaint of Rodent dependence syndrome, currently in withdrawal. Gave it the address of a certain rodent I know. Let the best mammal win!!

Book Cover-3: Inspired by the most awful cup of tea ever....
How not to make a face when faced with awful tea

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