Tuesday, December 26, 2006

life is so bloody unfair and so bloody strange. god, if such a being exists has the most devious sense of humor.

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tatastha said...

"life is so bloody unfair and so bloody strange. god, if such a being exists has the most devious sense of humor"
People become philosophers and question the existence of god when they go through tough times...god has become a magical being who seem to take care of all the people's problems once they go to temples or do charity in the name of him. Basically it is like " Now I have prayed to you.. so do ur best". "My next door neighbour has been bothering me..plz do kill him". Do this and that for me.. so iam pleased and i can say you truely exist. WHAT A JOKE !!! God takes different meaning for different people, Therefore i would rather not use that word. it has become a lable for a supernatural being who is existing far away and judging and sorting out all ppl's problems. Well I would call "god" SELF and this self is situated within you. your awareness about yourself and the decisions and choices u make in yourlife is depending on your own self-awareness. That self-awareness reached through love and patience. Humans are like blossoming of a flower.. (the evolution, where it is biological or spiritual it is a process). You can't force it open, if you use the force to open a flower, all beauty and fragrance will be destroyed, and neither you or anyone else can benefit.On the contrary, if you allow it to unfold by itself, naturally you will experience the fragrance and beauty. Becoming aware about ourself is similar process.. We will have lots of experiences in life.. these are lessions in life. this is a learning process. so it is important for us to be patient, and observe ourselves and become a mirror. so we can see where we have gone wrong and how. God, The supernatural being is not up there somewhere and laughing at you.. He is within you.. he/she is your own self-awareness. Your own consciousness. You are not different from life. You are the Life. In choosing oneself one does not choose to exist: existence is given and one has to exist in order to choose. To act in Bad faith or the for sake of GOD, culture, Society is to turn away from the authentic choosing of oneself and to act in conformity with a stereotype or role. One can only find himself through himself. When you realise the self, you realise god.

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