Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snowland photo exhibition-"CHINA'S TIBET????"

Today I had the chance to go to an exhibition of photographs titled "Snowland-In the eyes of a 100 photographers" in the Fine Art Gallery of the Panjab University, Chandigarh. For company, I had a couple of photographer friends, Sanjay Kaushal and Mr Kumbhkarni. Both have had truck loads of exhibitions and are very knowledgable and fun to be with. The exhibition is an amalgamation of photographs taken by over 100 photographersfrom all over the world in and around Tibet. A poster outside helpfully starts with, "China's Tibet......." and goes on to describe a lot of stuff of very geographic nature. So after 60 years of ruling Tibet, China still has to say, China's there any other Tibet around?? Maybe the Dalai Lama is doing something right!!! But, the photographs are brilliant and that is no small measure due to the sheer grandeur of the place. Unfortunately the quality of prints isnt too good and the sizes are small. But it was a very pleasant one hour spent in watching some wonderful pictures and passing comments on the merits and demerits of a particular picture. All photographers, me included are very vain, egoistical, and lonely and are very rarely satisfied with themselves or others. This was no exception.
The art gallery has a pretty cool architecture too, and its all naturally lighted up. And the lines that the walls make are pretty pleasing to the eye.
While getting out, I looked through the visitor's book and on a page someone had written, "China's Tibet????"

Mr Kumbkarni looks out into the water........

An aerial shot of Lhasa....the Potala is in the middle.

Another visitor..walks through, I waited for this shot.

Another doorway.....I liked the juxtaposition of green on the pink sandstone was nice

A lizard abstract on the chickenmesh wire...

The doorway.

Outside the gallery..the Gandhi Bhawan


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Interesting reflection...

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