Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nihang Singh In the worlds biggest turban

Hola Mohalla is an annual festival held at the Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur sahib in March or April and culminates on the day of Holi. The highlight is a procession by the Nihang Singhs, a charming lot of sikhs who were originally the Sikh army suicide squad. Their language is still full of charming braggadasio and its a whole lot of fun. The gentleman above is one Sardar Major Singh. That turban uses up 400 m of cloth and weighs approx 35 kgs. I wear a turban too. But thats a light weight layman turban. If you click on the link along side this blogpost, you can find a lot about different types of turbans.

Taken with a 75-150mm zuiko, on an OM1, handheld.


Mother Jones RN said...

Great picture, but I wonder how the guy keeps his turban from falling off his head or hurting his neck.

I think you look very handsome in your turban. I rate your turban a 10.

donofmalgudi said...

this is a great blog..*sigh* i wish a camera would drop into my hands from heaven and let me live my insanity..oh...let my 1st comment here be nice and benign..possible bombings in get your insurance policies in order..heh heh :)

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