Sunday, December 10, 2006

PGI and exams

If you are a resident doctor, and if you are in PGI, and if you are alive.....then there is one thing that never leaves you alone. And that is exams. You get in with one.., you survive with many and finally get out after passing a big one. And thats not all, after this there are many more to pass....USMLE, PLAB, DNB, MCH, DM, Marriage, kids etc etc.
The MD/MS entrance exams just got declared, a good time to go over the whole process.

Its cold, and these brave souls are out there...for the truth is out there.

Can u handle the truth?

Where am I on this bloody list??

Its time to go time i will crack this goddam exam..

For those not successful, its a long walk back fight another day or another battle.

And for those who make it......there is a lot of.....


Beating from SR's

Academics at unearthly hours, ungodly places and unholy times.... for efforts at above?????

Exams...more exams...sendups!!!

And some more exams.....MD exams.

It truly is a dog's life....

Best of luck to those who made it and best of luck who did not. Both need it.


Mother Jones RN said...

Thank you for that inside look at a residence's life. Off the subject, I read your response to Nurse Hilary's post. I can't believe you don't always have a date on your arm. You look so handsome in your turban!


SG said...

You have a truly brilliant blog. :)
I particularly liked your post on the entrance exams!

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