Sunday, December 31, 2006

Much Marod Ke......

Hor Soneyo...

The Last Post

Well, I hope this is the last post of the year. In the army, the last post is played at the end of the a remembrance for those dead. Thats what I hope this post will be, and those dead being the ones who are dead..and in more ways than one.
There is an ancient Chinese (what else could it be...Hawaian?) saying, "May u live in interesting times", only I missed the plot rather completely and forgot that it was a curse and that living in interesting times is not often interesting for those living through those times. 2006 was an interesting year to have lived through. I still cant figure out what i did and what should i describe it as. Was it courage or was it just plain stupidity or worse still... something worse, I still cant figure out. Time will tell someday. Until that time, as Vikram seth put it so very beautifully in "From heaven lake", "I seem to wander around the world, accumulating material for future nostalgias". So here's to a less interesting 2007.

May you be free of the need of making futile gestures...

The need to bear losses you cannot understand the need for...

May u have ample shelter always..

Unconditional love....

Partnership in all things dear.....

Booze in plenty...

And the ability to reach home the next morning...and not get a scolding.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

26.12.06-Boxing Day

A flower trampled underfoot

26th of december 2006 was a day that started on strange, unexpected and calamitous note. The day dawned dark, wet, foggy and grey. There was so much to do and so little time. In the end it really did not matter. I took some pictures which i am putting here, more as a catharsis than anything else.

The rain pours down as I get out of the hospital..decided to get some breakfast and walked towards the upper cafe. The blooming flowers looked incredibly incongrous considering the weather and the situation. I shut out everything and waited for this guy to walk into the frame. I remember thinking of the rule of thirds as I clicked this picture.

While driving past the traffic park, have often seen the morning sun and the pavement and thought of a great picture waiting out there. Had some time to kill so walked over..the banyan trees in the rain stood there and waited.

The workers there were probably taking it easy considering the weather and seeing me there started to do some work. Never fails when there is a camera around.

I wish I could tell him to not bother..took a picture instead.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

life is so bloody unfair and so bloody strange. god, if such a being exists has the most devious sense of humor.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Need for speed-An experimental shot

Moving car, driver and photographer same person-Me

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Memory Lane

Its been some time since I was here last. There have been a few anniversaries around this time and there are more to come. It sort of puts perspective on the New year and what it means.

I went home and sunning himself in the courtyard was the community pet...he has been there ever since we moved. Lots of people thought that they would outlive him but seems he is having quiet a few last laughs or is that a woof.

A stray dog braves the cold and the fog and looks for some scraps of food in the gali outside my home, I went inside shortly after. Thankful for the few gifts I have and trying hard not to think of the ones i dont.

I also had the chance to visit my late grandmother's home. Was taken aback to see it all gone to seed and decay. Remembered so many joyful summers spent here with people, now dead. When life revolved around an icecream soda or a comic book, and my uncle who taught me to play chess and delighted in spoiling me thoroughly.

On a less sombre note, today turned out to be an unexpectedly good day. The elections neccessiated a public holiday, the OPD's got closed and it was perfect to sneak out with Naresh and have two massive aaloo ka parathas washed down with curd and dripping with butter. Followed it all up with some hot, sweet and milky tea. And life is worth living again even though I tripped a couple of times since and could get not get the tickets to a movie I planned on watching today.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snowland photo exhibition-"CHINA'S TIBET????"

Today I had the chance to go to an exhibition of photographs titled "Snowland-In the eyes of a 100 photographers" in the Fine Art Gallery of the Panjab University, Chandigarh. For company, I had a couple of photographer friends, Sanjay Kaushal and Mr Kumbhkarni. Both have had truck loads of exhibitions and are very knowledgable and fun to be with. The exhibition is an amalgamation of photographs taken by over 100 photographersfrom all over the world in and around Tibet. A poster outside helpfully starts with, "China's Tibet......." and goes on to describe a lot of stuff of very geographic nature. So after 60 years of ruling Tibet, China still has to say, China's there any other Tibet around?? Maybe the Dalai Lama is doing something right!!! But, the photographs are brilliant and that is no small measure due to the sheer grandeur of the place. Unfortunately the quality of prints isnt too good and the sizes are small. But it was a very pleasant one hour spent in watching some wonderful pictures and passing comments on the merits and demerits of a particular picture. All photographers, me included are very vain, egoistical, and lonely and are very rarely satisfied with themselves or others. This was no exception.
The art gallery has a pretty cool architecture too, and its all naturally lighted up. And the lines that the walls make are pretty pleasing to the eye.
While getting out, I looked through the visitor's book and on a page someone had written, "China's Tibet????"

Mr Kumbkarni looks out into the water........

An aerial shot of Lhasa....the Potala is in the middle.

Another visitor..walks through, I waited for this shot.

Another doorway.....I liked the juxtaposition of green on the pink sandstone was nice

A lizard abstract on the chickenmesh wire...

The doorway.

Outside the gallery..the Gandhi Bhawan


My friend gaurav Bhateja took this photo on my phone cam today. I thought I look like an unemployed dopey truck driver and so I am posting this.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pappu pass ho gaye-2

Party Time- Enjoy while it lasts

Congratulations-Pappu Pass ho gaye

The Latest Shrinks In The Country-God Save All The Nuts

Pic of the Day

I love to take pictures of people walking away or with their backs towards me..maybe that says something about me.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

PGI and exams

If you are a resident doctor, and if you are in PGI, and if you are alive.....then there is one thing that never leaves you alone. And that is exams. You get in with one.., you survive with many and finally get out after passing a big one. And thats not all, after this there are many more to pass....USMLE, PLAB, DNB, MCH, DM, Marriage, kids etc etc.
The MD/MS entrance exams just got declared, a good time to go over the whole process.

Its cold, and these brave souls are out there...for the truth is out there.

Can u handle the truth?

Where am I on this bloody list??

Its time to go time i will crack this goddam exam..

For those not successful, its a long walk back fight another day or another battle.

And for those who make it......there is a lot of.....


Beating from SR's

Academics at unearthly hours, ungodly places and unholy times.... for efforts at above?????

Exams...more exams...sendups!!!

And some more exams.....MD exams.

It truly is a dog's life....

Best of luck to those who made it and best of luck who did not. Both need it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

An experimental shot

An experimental shot..saw a pattern on the table. Shadows from bars in the window and a pen that no longer works.

Something like a certain organization.

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