Friday, January 12, 2007


Some views of the conference-
ANCIPS is always like a mela (An indian fair), noisy, crowded, Chennai being hot and dusty, the scene was almost completely met. It took an hour to get to the venue, me and Padhy sweating in our ties and suits. Looking on wistfully at those smart enough not to have worn something as stupid as we did.

When we reached the venue, these guys took me by surprise. they were quite enthusisatic about being in the welcome party. Couldnt figure out what was there to be so happy about.

Espescially with "Beloved" Dr Ramadoss around.

Well, the AC in the auditorium was pretty good though, even if what transpired inside wasnt always so. So people went to the stalls put up by the pharmaceutical companies. They promised to be more interesting mostly.

The welcoming committee wasa welcoming enough, 3 giggly teenagers putting tilak on all who came. They were very happy to be photographed, probably seeing a sikh for the first time.

A memento for the mantelpiece from chennai. Courtsey XX pharma company. All for a tablet of escitalopram.

People doling out advice to those challenged in slipping away.

And at the end of a tough day gathering freebees, nothing better than a good sofa and a coffee.

Where are we all going???


Mother Jones RN said...

Hello SI:

If you are interested in coming to the US to work at my hospital, email me and I will send you the details. And remember, my standards a high. If you accept the job, I expect you to feed me well.


Nisha said...

The indecisiveness of the decisive moment

Searching for the words to express this felt sense,
Illusions of light strikes the man in the face
A dead reality’s existence
A voice in void
In being and nothingness
Whose voice is then heard?

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