Friday, January 19, 2007


Some more views from the Conf:

ANCIPS-2007 was a lot of heat and dust, some powercuts, an award, and some papers presented to an audience of 7 people in total. At other times I enjoyed myself watching friends eat prawns for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, and dinner. For entertainment, there were cricket matches on TV and beer (which is devilishly expensive in Chennai). An abiding memory will be that of someone reading out a paper from the printout because a powercut prevented the projectors from working.

The president of "kill the fishes" society surveys the remains of the day.

Life is like smoke, it goes up and splits into a million particles. And you cant even catch one, so why not let it go in peace?

The food was wonderful, but only for non-vegetarians. Poor grass eaters like me had a tough time. There is also a south Indian problem with provision of chairs. All those already burdened with a variety of loads were left with no option but to make themselves comfortable with whatever they could muster.

Soon enough the food stall was a happy, bustling, bawling and a really fine place to be in. Beating a hasty retreat was out of question but lingering on was an even unlikelier option. So the next best thing was to be out into the scientific sessions.

The inauguration of the CME, where everyone was falling over fawning. What followed was much better.

I loved this slide, and hats off to the doctor who thought this up.

Some of the more interesting members of the audience, actually he was the resident entertainer at a stall outside, he probably came in to take in some AC.

OKOKOKOK. I dont mean what you see at all, but I couldnt resist this one. :))

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tatastha said...

They are guilty not merely because they have eaten of the Fish of Knowledge,
But also because they have not yet eaten of the Fish of Life. It all went in smoke.Knowledge is nothing but a Shadow of Life. Of course all the fish-eaters admire the grass eaters, Coz the Fish had tasted the Grass of knowledge but the Grass has not. It has only tasted the fish of life. But if the Grass-eaters found the grass of knowledge they would have made no fuss and stuffed like the fish-eaters.

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