Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some Views of Chennai-My Lens-1

Lord Tirupati display at T Nagar, Chennai

I had the oppurtunity to roam about some parts of Chennai and take some pictures along the way.

The first thing is the heat, the second is the absolutely chaotic traffic. The drivers are too crazy or too skilful. Any place where a vehicle can go will be taken, I wonder how many people lose their lives in RTA's every year. In Chennai, drive at your own peril.

Chennaiites and Tamils in general are great lovers of hoardings, posters, and various other modes of making their presence felt. These hoardings are immense, varied in topic and description. Lately, Karunanidhi and Stalin are particular favorites. In towns of Tamil Nadu, there is one literally every 100 yards or so. And are monotonously same, the CM, The CM in waiting and then a small picture of whichever local leader has put up that poster. Just to spice up things there were a few of Rajnikanth and Jayalalitha as well.

If there is no space available, then space will be created.

Some concerns however cross all barriers and are common like this one.

The Tamil penchant for immensity in public finds full expression in the shopping area of T-Nagar, the shops are immense, the hoardings even more so, movie stars, politicians, models, clothes, silk, jewellery all vie for your attention. I walked into a famous shop by the name of Nalli, seeing a sikh in a suit and tie, everyone was naturally intrigued. When I expressed the desire to buy a sari, they took me deep into the bowels of the shop to show me saris worth many thousands. They were pretty crestfallen when I told them the limits of my pocket and I made a quick transition to the less esteemed customer category with ease.

The only hoarding I really liked, partly because he is the only other Sikh i saw in Chennai.

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Nisha said...

Thirupathi Lord of Venkatachala,
Padmanabha! Purushottama! Vasudeva! Vaikunta! Madhava! Janardana! Chakrapani! Bearer of the Srivatsa, Bearer of the charming and divine form surpassing the pride of Cupid,The abode of auspicious and pure virtues! The possessor of Divine fame, Bridge to cross the ocean of birth and death, embodiment of vedas and vedantas, Oh inner being of all, the one with no beginning and end..THe one who has manifested himself in Chennai(T.Nagar)Do wake up and make this an auspicious dawn to ALL.

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