Friday, January 19, 2007

Some Views of Chennai-My Lens-2-Temple

Temples in Chennai are numerous, dotted with very many sculptures, beautiful, and are pronounced as Dembled's. And all this in a state that has an atheist as a Chief Minister and a very strong rationalist movement. Tamil Nadu is truly fascinating in that way, the whole business of paradoxes. The extreme contrasts in sizes, from the immensity of the hoarding to the smallness of the dwellings. The way caste plays a role as demonstarted at all public functions, and the lengths mighty and learned people will go to appease their politicians, the seeming strangeness to us North Indians as to how movie stars and politicians can arouse such passions.
Next to the venue was a small temple, and it seemingly encapsulated this contrast in it's domain.
I needed a human element to complete this picture and saw this little girl nearby, and asked her through a sign to come and stand there. She was quite shy and reluctant but was eventually persuaded by this man. The simplicity of her dress was quite a contrast to the bright, in-your-face colors in the temple. Quite opposite to what would be the case in say, rajasthan where its the clothes that are colorful rather than the other way round. I found the cross tattooed on the chest of the guy who persuaded my little model quite interesting, and before I could ask him to let me photograph him, he asked me to take his picture and insisted that I write his address twice just to make sure thatI dont lose it anyplace.

He looked at me through his one eye, obviously pleased to be the centre of attraction. For the next few minutes that i was in the temple, he never once left my side. And kept on saying some stuff to the security staff nearby. I have to post his picture to him one of these days.

I liked the grain of the wood and the way the brass set off the woodwork. The sanctum itself was locked.

But there were various niches in the walls, each with a small idol. The idols covered with clothes (to cover the body?), and decorated with flowers.

This looks like hanuman, the monkey god. At least the structures in the front are typically North Indian though the main idol in the background is much more dignified and reserved in appearance.

Another view of the same.


tatastha said...

Garland of Love
Look into it deeply with love
What comes to existence out of nothing?
Every motion is ceaselessly transforming itself due course of time
The cloud doesn’t die away,
It merely turns into rain,
The rain is not born, it is just transformation and continuation of clouds,
Nature has its forms of flowers and fruits,
Human emotions of joy and sorrow
There is no-birth.. there is no death
The golden sunset..the cool breeze playing your hair
Who invented them?
Take a step in freedom, Feel the essence in all
Understand that love is essence of all
There is no beginning or end to it
Temples are many for thy worship
But those who have realised will know
This body is thy temple
O Anjaneya, Anjali Putra, Bajarangabali,
Thou, who is the Source of Compassion
Thou art child’s innocence, a man’s eye
Don’t close the doors, open thy heart, and pour thy grace
Garlands many are there for Thy worship
O Divine Self who illuminates the three worlds
Knowing thy Love, I, too, this ignorant one, sings
Unite me into Thee, Unite me into Thee
Let me become the garland at thy feet.

Mother Jones RN said...

These picutures are very beautiful. I really like the pictures of the door with the lock, and the picture of the flowers. What type of camera do you use?


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